Why accounting firms should hire offshore team members

Monday April 10, 2023

CPAs ask me why should I hire somebody offshore?

I have been working in offshore industry since last 13 years now. I have interacted with 200+ CPA firm owners. Though every CPA firm should consider hiring somebody offshore, it requires you to make some considerations and then decide.

First and foremost being COST SAVINGS. Let us be honest, all of us compare the costs. And in accounting industry, the cost gap is as high as 2.5X or in some cases 4X for comparable team members. When CPA firms find comparably skilled team members offshore, which otherwise they would have hired onshore, it is all about the mindset.

Yes, it is all about the MINDSET. It is all about getting adjusted to that mindset that I would not be able to see someone sitting in front of me.

There are many advantages (and of course few disadvantages), which you should consider while making a decision of hiring someone offshore. You can book a free consultation call with one of our offshore staffing consultants to see whether offshore staffing fits your requirements.

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