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Our Audit Associate assists customers/clients with fundamental accounting procedures, producing financial statements in a predefined format, collaborates with other auditors to ensure that the company follows acceptable accounting standards, keeps up to date on tax issues and accounting statements.

They are capable of carrying out all phases of the audit process, including financial analysis, planning, substantive testing, and opinion issuance; presenting audit findings to management; and preparing financial statements.

They also conduct audits of business operations, finances, and policy and procedure compliance. In accordance with established policies, supervise audit planning and reporting activities. Oversee the audit team to ensure quality and timely delivery. Evaluate audit staff performance and provide appropriate feedback.

Qualities of Altobooks Audit Associates

Refine your auditing efficiency with our tailor-made solutions for accounting audit services. Leave basic tax audit work to the audit associates and focus on services which can add value to your clients.


Essence of auditing is integrity towards the audit profession.


Be always inquiring, querying, pin-pointing, asking, doubting.


Meticulously plan every step of the audits and execute.


Someone said Audit practice is a practice of patience. Why haste?

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CPA Philadephia

Altobooks has provided good support to me while I am scaling up and taking new clients. I hired an accountant from Altobooks initially for few of my clients and then we scaled up to a good reliable full time 2 people team from them. Initially, first week was little slow for us. Later on, it went very well. They took a lot of load from me. I also hire temporary candidates for tax season as well. We did 200+ returns from the team last year. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to hire good accounting and tax candidates.

Ban. K. CPA

I have known Altobooks team and particularly worked with Jigar for 12 years now. They are good at their job and very honest. Even if they do not know something, they will come up to us and ask for the guidance and then kind of imbibe the learning for future task. I like this quality of their team. I wish them all the best.

Dimer Accounting & Consulting Owner

I am a bookkeeper from Texas and have hired 3 bookkeepers from Altobooks. They do their job on time. They work at a reasonable pace and ensure good quality of work. The work is always error-free and completed in entirety. I wish them all the best.

CPA New York

I used to work with other outsourcing partner earlier. There were some quality issues, so I stopped outsourcing. I was hesitant to work with Altobooks. However, after onboarding 2 people from Altobooks, I have got very good support now. For us, they are very much like our own people here. Though we are a small firm and small team, we provide great services to our clients. Thank you Jigar and team. His partner Tejas is a good guy too.

Karan Shah Solutelabs Inc.

From Solutelabs, we have always provided cutting edge services to our clients. Similar services, we have received from Altobooks for our US accounting and tax matters. Altobooks is our preferred partner for accounting and taxation without doubt.

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    No. Altobooks is not a registered auditor. Altobooks provides support services to audit firms in carrying out the audit process. Altobooks also facilitates businesses to obtain good audit services through the panel firms.

    Altobooks associates assist auditors in making data analysis, data validation and verification, provide basic vouching support, draft reports etc.

    No. Altobooks is not a registered auditor or an IIA firm. Altobooks associates assist auditors in making data analysis, data validation and verification, provide basic vouching support, draft reports etc.

    Case Studies

    Oct 07,2022
    Audit of Banking Operations
    Audit of Banking Operations
    Oct 07,2022
    Internal Auditor of a logistics company
    Internal Auditor of a logistics company

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