Frequently Asked Questions

However, hiring even 1 individual is also good. Ideally, you should build your own team consisting of diverse team members having different skill-set as per your requirements. E.g. If you are a CPA firm, you may consider hiring 2 accounts associates, 1 tax associate, 1 sales tax associate, 1 multipurpose associate and build your own team of 5-6 people with Altobooks.

As if they are your own team members. You can communicate over email, video conference, messengers, phone calls etc. Treat them as your internal team members. Ask them to submit time sheets, work reports etc.

Yes. You can very well do it. You can hire a suitable resource for a short-time, for a particular project or you can ask Altobooks to deliver a specific task in a given time frame. However, pricing for hiring an Altobooks associate for short term or temporary basis increases cost / pricing compared to hiring full time / part time.

Hiring a team member full time ensures that the team member you are hiring is working exclusively for your firm. Further, such choice reduces the cost / pricing for the hire. In our experience, hiring someone full time provides you a clear visibility of utilization and work allocation planning well in advance. Therefore, most of the firms choose full time team members over the other options.

Today most of the clients whom we work with provide shared VPN access to hired associates. This is the most preferred way. At our end, we ensure that the data is not copied by the team members, if shared with them by the clients outside of the VPN.

You can prefer to transfer the billing amount directly in our bank account in USA.

As a practice, we follow a bi-weekly billing and we do not provide any other form of credit to the customers.

It really depends on the work, assignment and the requirements of the clients. However, on an average, we see the onboarding happening in 2-4 weeks’ time.

We have hourly pricing plans for various roles, experience and skill-set of the candidates. You may discover a right solution and best price for your firm during a discovery call with Altobooks offshoring consultants.

We are in the business of accuracy. We ensure that the team members have a knack of accuracy. This is one of the key criteria at the time of recruitment to check the candidate fit. However, checking, reviewing and verification of the executed work requires dedicated senior level resources including CPAs. We request you to check this with one of our Offshore consultants how to plan and design your quality check system.

Altobooks is a global consulting firm. We have established presence in USA, Canada, the European Union and India. We provide services to clients across USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Estonia, UAE and India.

Altobooks is a global consulting and offshoring firm. We provide services across multiple domain areas like accounting, tax, finance, payroll etc. However, we are not a CPA firm.

This number varies from time to time. However, as a group, we have a team of CPAs or equivalents of different jurisdictions providing various professional services to our clients.

Altobooks Inc. is a Dealware state registered C-Corp company. Altobooks works as a facilitator for businesses to obtain professionals services and provides back-end support to the professionals and firm. Most of the times, such activities are not mandated to have specific licensure. However, Altobooks works with different clients and firms after assessment of regulatory requirements of the relevant work/assignment/jurisdiction and provides disclosure to this effect to the clients before onboarding them.

This number varies from time to time. However, as a group, we have a team of EAs, CPAs, tax consultants or equivalents of different jurisdictions providing various professional services to our clients.

Our associates have worked on caseware for some of the firms. However, as per our experience, knowledge of the audit process and attitude plays more important role than knowing the software. You can consider onboarding one of our associates and see yourself how we actually support you in audit assignments.

As a team, we are working on 17+ different accounting softwares. In our view, software is just a thing. We should know accounting, which we are very good at. So, no worries, just onboard our accounting team member and in few days, we will adapt with your software.

Both. As per our experience, accounting standards are more or less same across the globe. However, the complex items like intangibles, investments etc. have slight variation in practices. Most of the work, which Altobooks is carrying out for clients does not involve such complexity. In case of complexity, we definitely reach to relevant in-house or client-level experts.

Yes. We do provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly accounting services across industries.

Yes. Many CPA firms hire Altobooks team members to share their workload during peak tax season. Our tax associates can assist your firm to meet the deadline in time.

We are operating different softwares like pro-series, UltraTax, DrakeTax for our client firms. As per our understanding, software is just a thing. We need to really understand taxation to serve clients better.

Yes. Relevant team members have obtained PTIN.

No. Altobooks is not a registered auditor. Altobooks provides support services to audit firms in carrying out the audit process. Altobooks also facilitates businesses to obtain good audit services through the panel firms.

Altobooks associates assist auditors in making data analysis, data validation and verification, provide basic vouching support, draft reports etc.

No. Altobooks is not a registered auditor or an IIA firm. Altobooks associates assist auditors in making data analysis, data validation and verification, provide basic vouching support, draft reports etc.

CPA firms focused on advisory, businesses wanting to improve their financial management, CFOs wanting to build their support team may connect with our offshoring expert to explore hiring Altobooks Finance Associates.

Accounting professionals, CPAs, MBAs, finance graduates with good understanding of accounting, cashflows, costing. They are generally good at analysis and reporting.

Finance associates assist you in preparing MIS reports, financial analysis, KPI monitoring, spreadsheet modelling etc. This way finance managers, CFOs can get the basic work done and can focus on value added advisory practice at their end.

Our team has worked on different payroll softwares like Gusto, ADP, Quickbooks etc. As per our experience, understanding of payroll processes and payroll taxes is very important while working. Whereas, new payroll software can be learnt within few days of onboarding.

Yes. We assist CPA firms for managing their clients’ payroll tax compliances. We also assist businesses in payroll tax filings.

Everywhere pay structures are different. So, there is nothing new in this. Altobooks has been payroll consultants for many firms having numerous pay components and complex pay structures. What we understand is, we need to update proper payroll master data, process the payroll in time and make payroll compliances in time. More or less, most of the things surround around these items.

Not necessarily. If your work is quite well-defined, even one multipurpose associate can take care of most of your work and assist you throughout.

At call center people make calls to ghost agents (whom the client does not know) and they answer the calls as per the predefined script.

At BPO, people assign tasks to ghost agents (whom the client does not know) and they carry out the repetitive tasks in monotonous way without any meaningful interaction with the clients, forget the feedback.

At Altobooks, we have a concept of a multipurpose associates working as Executive Assistants or Virtual Assistants for CPAs, CFOs and senior executives. They are real people, whom you can interact with, whom you will treat as your integral team members.

If you chase your time, it is definitely yes. If you have lot of free time, you may not require one.

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