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Altobooks is a global consulting firm having business operations in Asia, Europe and Americas having headquarters in Ahmedabad, India.

We work with various businesses to provide wide array of services like Accounting, Audit, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Corporate Laws, Consulting, Outsourcing etc.

We develop and maintain professional relationship with clients which results into mutual growth. We add value to our clients by providing practical insights and bringing skills and expertise to their businesses. Rather being short sighted, we take a holistic view and suggest clients what is beneficial in longer term, though we lose fees while doing so.


To provide various professional services to businesses which add value.


To become one-stop professional services firm of international repute by 2025.

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Our Leadership Team

Jigar Patel


Jigar is a well-known chartered accountant, registered auditor, lawyer. He is consulted by clients from across industries and countries. He is known for his simple, practical, ethical advice. Always down to earth and approachable. Prior to Altobooks, he has worked with Telenor Group and Real Estate firms.

Tejas Patel


Tejas is a well-known investment, accounting, governance and management professional. He is known for advising creative solutions, process design and implementation. Prior to Altobooks, he has worked with the Govt., where he was a securities market regulator. He has also worked with chemical, education, investment management firms.

Our Group Firms


Ravi Prakash Spectra Fuels

I have known Altobooks partners since my graduate school days (14+ years). When I wanted to incorporate a company in UK, I discussed the idea with them. They assisted me throughout. Today we are having operations in UK, UAE and India and serving customers across the globe. Altobooks has become a vital part in our set up as our virtual CFO and global accounting and tax compliance consultant.

Rajnikant Joshi 9series Inc.

Values, expertise and professionalism. Jigar and Tejas are great people to talk to, listen to and work with. They are our virtual CFO, accounting and payroll partner. They advised us on establishing our solid corporate structure, incorporate our own company in USA and manage our global accounting and finances.

Hunny Bagchandani Torchit Pvt Ltd

Social enterprises like Torchit have different requirements, when it comes to accounting, finance and tax. Be it obtaining Govt. grants, CSR funds, ESG investments, seeking tax holidays from Govts., representing social enterprise before global audience, auditing and attesting our books for global stakeholders, Altobooks has done it all. Wish all the very best to the team.

Viral Mehta Caterpillar Cargo Solutions Pvt Ltd

Like us, it is a story of caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Jigar is our advisor for finance, control and tax matters. It was very insightful for me when I discussed my financial and business strategy with Tejas. Their team is going global now. Altobooks, with their core values, qualities, knowledge will take the US and Europe by storm. We are and will be proud client of Altobooks.

Slawomir Marek Rybarczyk STXYZ Solutions

We have operations in US, Europe and India. Altobooks is our go to partner when we want to entrust our accounting and finance. They provide timely reports and make all the compliances on time.

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