Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide services across India. In today’s time of technology, we are able to provide services to clients in any part of the world. Cloud accounting softwares, meeting tools, video calls, scree sharing, VPN, all these things are enabling us to serve clients and has removed location barrier to a great extent.

No asterisk marks. No false promises. Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks. It takes time to form a company in India. Reasons can be many. Issues in documentation, requirement of additional documents and clarifications, backlog with ROC office, technical glitches on ROC website etc. Usually, it happens in 1-2 weeks.

Yes. If you want to speak to some of our clients before onboarding, please talk to our consultant and explain your requirements. Our consultant will provide you contact of similar clients, whom you can speak to.

Video conferencing, phone calls, emails, messengers, screen sharing and more. After association, you can connect with Altobooks through your preferred method. In today’s era, communication technology enabled remote associations and location is no longer a barrier.

As a full-service, multi-disciplinary consulting firm, Altobooks can assist you in many ways. If you want any consultation which you think we can help you with, we will be happy to talk to you. Please schedule a meeting with us and we will explore the possible solutions together.

Altobooks is a full-service, multi-disciplinary global consulting firm and has in-house and/or associate level expertise in dealing with routine as well as complex accounting, tax, compliance, finance, advisory and consulting assignments. Please speak to our consulting team for your specific queries and know how exactly we are executing your assignments to perfection.

If you are foreign company planning to enter India, you can establish a private or public company, LLP. You can also establish a branch office, project office or liaison office. Some foreign companies may also choose to acquire a company or establish a joint venture. Build you India entry strategy with Altobooks as your consulting partner. Speak with our consulting team for more guidance and support.

It may be less than a week. However, there are many conditions attached to this answer. We do not make false promises. It is not something like you submit some papers and make some clicks, you will get a registered company. As a foreign company, if you want to start a business in India, we need to check what is the nature of your business, what kind of business entity, you want to incorporate, whether your business will required specific Govt. or sectoral regulator approvals etc. To know more about this, please speak to our consulting team, who will guide you properly.

Yes. In fact, Indian Govt., Indian businesses and people, in general have very high regards for foreign companies doing business in India. However, If your business is in certain specific sectors, towards which Govt. of India has protective-policies, you may find the Govt. policies not very favourable. To know which Govt. policies affect your India business strategy and which Govt. policies are favourable to you business, please speak to our advisory team.

In India, we have only 1 sales tax across the country. Goods and Services Tax (GST). In certain specific sectors like Oil & Gas, alcoholic beverages, there is Value Added Tax (VAT). However, for most businesses in India, GST is the only sales tax.

No. Not at all. However, in India, you have to make separate compliances for accounting, TDS, GST, Income Tax, Company registrar, transfer pricing, foreign investments and companies, sector specific regulations etc. All these compliances are time-bound and obligatory in nature. Hence, it is advisable to design a comprehensive compliance calendar and hire a compliance consultant like Altobooks to manage the compliances on your behalf or guide your compliance team on regular basis.

As a first step to ensure we follow robust compliance management system, we design a customized compliance calendar for your business entity. Our compliance experts ensure that the deadlines of the calendar are met and all the payment, filing and communications are done prudently.

Yes. Altobooks has deep expertise in advising companies for raising debt, equity and mezzanine capital from private markets and public markets.

As a virtual CFO, Altobooks assists foreign start-ups in establishing their back-office, sales office or full-fledged operating companies. We also manage their compliances from start to end. We also advise the start-ups in financial management, internal control, management reporting and corporation financial matters.

Yes. Once your company hires Altobooks as your virtual CFO partner, you can display name of Altobooks as well as our specific consultant’s name and photograph on your website as your CFO. You will be requested to send a screenshot of the webpage along with url to us for our records.

Yes. We have been using QuickBooks and SAP since many years. We have worked with 20+ accounting softwares including customized in-house softwares of companies. In our experience, software is just a thing. You need to know accounting to execute client assignments.

Our fees for accounts payable services vary by clients, nature of work, volume of work, frequency of work, nos. of hours of regular/transient commitment required etc. However, we ensure that it remains cost-effective and convenient for the client v/s hiring their internal team members.

Yes. Of course. We have been doing it for some of our clients. We would request you to provide us onboarding time of around week for this purpose.

It starts from $30 per team member. Payroll taxes and compliances in India are easier and very less cumbersome compared to most of the western countries. Generally, it does not exceed 15% of the payroll even for large corporations. Small companies, start-ups, companies having limited presence in India have much lower obligations.

We do not promote any specific software on our website. However, we recommend you to obtain a good cloud-based payroll software. Once we engage for popular services, we can assist you in obtaining and implementing a payroll software.

We can assist you in appointment of recruitment consulting agencies who can assist you in recruitment process. Altobooks can act as your payroll consultant helping you in establishing payroll structure, process regular payroll payments and ensuring timely payroll compliances. For your other HR requirements, we need to discuss and explore the scope of engagement. Please speak to our consulting team for further clarity.

Altobooks is a consulting services firm having associates who can provide investment advisory services for stocks, bonds, real estate, banking etc. Please book a consultation with us to know more about bespoke investment advisory services for you.

It really depends upon what is your requirement. You may please share your requirements with us over email or through enquiry form submission on our website. Our consultant will make a call to you for understanding your exact requirements and share the cost estimate.

Yes. Of course, you can connect with our USA, Canada office for your accounting, taxation and consulting requirements in USA, Canada. If you have consulting requirements pertaining to India, you should connect our India team.

Yes. We have been serving clients across India. Today’s technology has enabled us to use accounting softwares, tax portals from anywhere. We can communicate through phone, video calls, emails, screen sharing etc. We can maintain records in cloud and access them anytime.

We are just a call away. Phone call, video call, email, screen sharing and you can choose any mode of communication to get in touch with us.

Altobooks is a consulting firm employing, partnering and associating with various chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants, lawyers, finance experts and professionals. Whereas, a standalone CA firm, has a firm registration number from ICAI.

You focus on your business, we take care of your accounting and finance.

Many businesses, start-ups, services and trading firms there days do not employ CFO on their payroll. Reasons can be like, not sufficient work for full-time CFO, high turn over rates and knowledge transfer, limited skill-set of 1 person, reliability and trust issues, cost and budget constraints etc.

Altobooks as a virtual CFO services provider can assist businesses in all accounting, tax, compliance, finance, advisory and consulting matters. Altobooks is your growth partner.

Yes. Our clients would be happy to share their experiences with you. Please speak to our consulting team to schedule a call with one of our clients.

Yes. We can assist fintech start-ups in financial management, regulatory advisory, fund raise in addition to accounting, legal and tax matters.

It really depends upon your business and your mid-term vision of the business operations. For ease of compliances, to avoid double taxation on profits and dividends, for movement of cash to and fro partners, LLP is preferred vis a vis Pvt. Ltd.

For attracting investors, easy transferability of shares and superior corporate structuring most of the times Pvt. Ltd. entity is preferred over LLP.

For India clients, it takes around 1-2 weeks subject to submission of completed documents. To know more about formation of company in India, please speak to our expert team of business formation experts.

It depends upon nos. of partners in an LLP, capital of the LLP and certain other factors. However, generally for a typical LLP with 2-3 partners, we charge Rs. 15,000/- for all inclusive (Govt. fees, legal charges).

Altobooks has offices in 4 countries. USA, Canada, European Union (Estonia) and India. Altobooks also has a partner network across 50+ countries, making us one of the most preferred global consultants present in India.

Altobooks has a partner network across 50+ countries, making us one of the most preferred global consultants present in India. If you want to have accounting, consulting, legal and tax services in any corner of the world, you just need to deal with Altobooks. Altobooks can take care of your requirements. Our global partners have local presence in respective countries and are capable of executing routine as well as complex consulting assignments.

Yes. Altobooks, through its partner network, can provide tax preparation and filing services in foreign countries. Please connect with us for detailed information in this regard.

Yes. We do. Please share necessary documents with us so as to file your year-end income tax return.

Yes. We have been preparing, filing and liaising for GST refund for various IT and software companies, export-oriented companies, international e-commerce companies etc.

Yes. We file hundreds of GST returns every month. You can rely upon us for all your GST compliance and return requirements.

Altobooks is not an audit firm. Altobooks assists businesses in choosing from our esteemed panel of audit firms for all their audit requirements.

Yes. Altobooks being a consulting partner for businesses, guides clients regarding audit applicability and audit process.

Altobooks has in-house as well as associate and partner-level expertise for ESG consulting and reporting. You can rely upon Altobooks for your BRSR reporting and advisory.

Altobooks is a consulting firm assisting and advising clients in intellectual property matters through in-house as well as associate and partner level intellectual property law firms. However, Altobooks is not a law firm.

It really depends. No number promise for this. Please get in touch with us to know more about our trademark services.

Yes. We have certain product companies whom we are assisting in obtaining product-level patents.

Yes. We have been assisting many software, information technology and start-up companies in setting-up their payroll systems and processing their payroll payments. We also assist companies in managing their payroll compliances.

We assist manufacturing companies for setting-up their payroll system. We also process their payroll on monthly basis. We assist and advise manufacturing companies for payroll compliances to certain extent.

We do not want to promote any payroll software on our website. However, we have been using various cloud-based payroll software for some of our clients.

We will help you in filing proper reply, making representation before SEBI and advise you how to get your matter sorted.

We advise you on the investment advisor regulations and the process of registration. We will file the registration application on your behalf with SEBI and liaise with SEBI on your behalf.

Yes. We can assist your company in registering in IFSC. You can connect with our regulatory consulting team for more information.

We know Amdavadi businessmen. We provide good services at reasonable fees. We do not cut the corners and provide something which is cheap. Trust us, work with us, you will feel the worth of our services.

Altobooks provide complete range of services to small and medium businesses like accounting, compliance management, GST, TDS, Income Tax return filing and advisory, fund raising advisory for start ups, financial management advisory to IT companies in Ahmedabad. Basically, if you are not able to afford a full time chartered accountant, we will surely be of help to you.

Yes. We are accountants. We provide outsourced, full/part time, customized accounting services to various businesses in Ahmedabad. We own Ahmedabad’s No. 1 Accounting and Tax Training Institute – S20 Training Institute, where we produce trained accountants every year.

As this is a very generic question having dynamic answer. We would not be answer it straight away. However, you can safely assume that the number will be in hundreds.

We are providing offshore solutions to USA, Canada companies. We have clients in UK, UAE, Germany, Italy, Estonia as well. However, we are exploring offshoring business opportunities in different countries, if possible.

Today most of the clients whom we work with provide shared VPN access to hired associates. This is the most preferred way. At our end, we ensure that the data is not copied by the team members, if shared with them by the clients outside of the VPN.

Not necessarily. We will discuss about your terms of payment once we discuss our scope of work and terms of engagement.

Yes. GST returns are to be filed online. However, with Altobooks by your side, you need not worry about GST returns at all. We will take care of your GST compliances.

No specific answer this, as it depends upon your transactions and accordingly what is applicable for your business like 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, TCS returns etc.

We file income tax returns for salaried employees, salaries employees with other income, small businesses, regular businesses, regular businesses with other income, partnership firms, companies, trusts and NGOs. Please connect with our tax experts to know which income tax return is applicable for you.

Altobooks is not an audit firm. Altobooks assists businesses in choosing from our esteemed panel of audit firms for all their audit requirements. These firms, provide you with audit and assurance services.

Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft team, WhatsApp, Skype, Phone calls and of course in-person.

You can connect with your concerned consultant who can inform you about exact status of the work and estimated date of completion of work.

Generally, we support clients from 10 am to 6 pm (IST) from Monday to Friday (except holidays). However, in exceptional cases, as well as for fixed fees, we can dedicate support beyond our agreed timelines. For international clients, we can provide support at another time interval as well.

Altobooks is not an investment advisory firm. However, through our partner and associate network we can assist clients in obtaining genuine, bespoke, expert investment advice.

Yes. Altobooks has deep expertise in advising companies for raising debt, equity and mezzanine capital from private markets and public markets.

This is our forte. Expertise matters in such matters when you are migrating from one software to other. Just employee Altobooks as your functional consultant for your software implementation work / projects. We will help you throughout.

We do not want to promote any accounting softwares on our portal. We have been using 20+ softwares for our clients. For us, software is just a thing. It takes less than a week for us to obtain working proficiency in any of the software. We believe if you have an accounting expertise, you can work on any accounting software.

We have been working with clients in VPN, we have data access controls implemented and above all our consultants have ethics imbibed inside (without which no security measures can prevent privacy breach).

Accounts receivables team helps in revenue accounting, revenue reconciliation, receivables management, coordination and communication with customers, if required for expediting receivables.

We advise clients to implement maker-checker-approver mechanism, regular reconciliation and review, segregation of treasury and payables team etc., so as to ensure that the accounts payable system is difficult to breach.

It depends upon the client’s working capital requirements as well as risk appetite. We generally, advise clients to park their idle funds in liquid, low duration debt funds etc. so as to earn some return on the idle cash.