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Except large companies, most of the companies in India hire payroll service providers for managing their payroll for small business.

Altobooks has a dedicated business payroll services division which helps clients of all sizes. From managing payroll of 10 people to 1000 people. Our payroll outsourcing services can be customized for simple pay structures to complex pay structures like allowances, incentives, reimbursements, perquisites, contractor payments, freelancer payments etc.

Altobooks is a preferred payroll management company providing services to many small and medium sized multinationals and start-up companies. It is our endeavour to manage all your payroll compliances and providing right advice for designing tax efficient pay structures from day one.

Why Altobooks?

Altobooks payroll processing and compliance services have a flavour of its own. Our payroll experts have managed payroll of Govt. organizations as well as small start-ups.


Payroll work can never be one size fits all. We know that.


Use and implement cloud-based payroll processing softwares


Design and implement customized payroll process flow


No differences. No arrears. No recoveries. No penalties.

Outsourced payroll processing and management in India

Industries we serve


Robert Andrew Flickinger ScaleTech LLC

Altobooks has been our virtual CFO service provider since we started operations. We wanted assistance for tax planning and tax preparation services. Team Altobooks was tremendus when it comes to end to end taxation services. Anything related to accounting, finance, tax, we talk to Altobooks.

Aditya Choksi Laxmi Opticians

Altobooks has been helping us with accounting, GST, Income Tax matters. When we entered into joint venture Eye and You Opticians, Jigar and team advised us throughout. We were able to iron out many differences and come to solid terms at Eye and You. Highly recommend these guys.

Rajnikant Joshi 9series Inc.

Values, expertise and professionalism. Jigar and Tejas are great people to talk to, listen to and work with. They are our virtual CFO, accounting and payroll partner. They advised us on establishing our solid corporate structure, incorporate our own company in USA and manage our global accounting and finances.

Kirtan Patel K C Patel & Co.

Jigar has been associated with our law firm since 2016. His accounting and tax expertise is noticeable and practical to implement. He has good associates with him, who assist him in carrying out his assignments seamlessly.

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    It starts from $30 per team member. Payroll taxes and compliances in India are easier and very less cumbersome compared to most of the western countries. Generally, it does not exceed 15% of the payroll even for large corporations. Small companies, start-ups, companies having limited presence in India have much lower obligations.

    We do not promote any specific software on our website. However, we recommend you to obtain a good cloud-based payroll software. Once we engage for popular services, we can assist you in obtaining and implementing a payroll software.

    We can assist you in appointment of recruitment consulting agencies who can assist you in recruitment process. Altobooks can act as your payroll consultant helping you in establishing payroll structure, process regular payroll payments and ensuring timely payroll compliances. For your other HR requirements, we need to discuss and explore the scope of engagement. Please speak to our consulting team for further clarity.

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    Oct 07,2022
    Payroll Manager of a software company
    Payroll Manager of a software company
    Oct 07,2022
    Payroll Processing of an information technology company
    Payroll Processing of an information technology company

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