An Accountant of a Law Firm

Case study
by admin_altobooks / Friday October 7, 2022


K C Patel & Co is a reputed intellectual property law firm having clients across the globe.

The firm was established by a passionate lawyer in 1994. The firm was on a growth path, generally doubling the revenue in typical 3 years time and was having very good client base.

Though everything was looking fine, the law firm was having a typical legacy issues with respect to the accounting practices being followed. The firm also had break up with some its associates recently. And during transition of earlier accountant, the firm’s accounting was also haywire for a year now.


After associating with the company, Altobooks team has taken following steps:


Set up an accounting system for a lawyers’ firm


Advice on tax compliances of the firm


Help unearth financial irregularities in some of the areas


As of 2022, K C Patel & Co has grown multifold and ventured globally from the point when we had a first meeting. The firm has also oversaw a management transition during our association period. Altobooks is a proud accounting and consulting partner of K C Patel & Co and assists the firm in following matters.



Compliance Management

Compliance Management



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